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About Us

Masullo Brothers Builders, Inc. was founded in 1952 with a goal to achieve a reputation for building quality homes with lasting value that exceed the customer's expectations. We accomplish this goal through hard work, perseverance, innovation and craftsmanship. We have become an industry leader by continuing to commit to this goal. You can see this standard of commitment in each of the over 2,500 homes we have created throughout the Capital Region.


Strategic team management involvement on the part of our staff and carefully chosen, trusted subcontractors, is the key to Masullo Brothers' reputation of quality. We build on the quality of our people. You will see, as others have, the true value and lasting beauty of your Masullo Brothers home as time goes by.


Your home is one of your most personal and important commitments. We are committed to creating homes and neighborhoods that match your desires. Homes that fit the family. Neighborhoods that fit the environment. This integrated approach to design assures you that your home will match your lifestyle and appreciate in long-term value as well. You really know it's your home when you walk through the door and around the neighborhood. It's where you want to live. Our experienced team works with you down to the last detail. Your needs are met and your questions answered. Because you are involved at every critical turn, your home will reflect your ideas and unique requirements.


Your schedule is as important as ours. When we promise the plans will be ready tomorrow...they will be. We work with you in every way to delineate what is possible and what is not. We don't cut corners to meet glib promises. What you get is quality. On budget. On time.


Masullo Brothers has been and always will be accountable and responsible to our customers and communities. We develop aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound neighborhoods with lasting value. Take a good look at our homes. Ask the people who live in them. We earnestly believe that you too will discover the lasting beauty and value of a Masullo Home.